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We offer a comprehensive Town Planning and Development Service to meet the needs of individual clients whether commercial businesses; house building companies; landowners and developers; farmers or individual residential clients.

From the outset, assess what the client is seeking to achieve, and tailor our services accordingly. Only after an initial discussion with the client, (which will in most cases involve a site visit), can we offer best professional advice to achieve our client`s goals.

Having established how a development proposal can best be achieved, advise the client of all the various stages involved in the project, the likely timescale needed, and the costs involved.

It is our policy in all cases (subject to client approval), to hold initial pre application discussions / meetings with the Local Planning Authority concerned in order to establish the various issues involved. We can then give best advice to clients in light of this information. Our aim is to "get it right first time"

Constant monitoring of the application is undertaken throughout the application process to ensure that if difficulties do arise they can be dealt with at the earliest opportunity in order to achieve the desired result without undue delay and cost to the client.

Where necessary we will undertake planning appeals on behalf of clients by means of Written Representations, Informal Hearings, or Public Inquiries depending on the aspects of the individual case. If advocacy is required, PPDL will directly instruct an appropriate Planning Solicitor or Barrister on behalf of the client thereby reducing costs to the client.

If the development proposal is longer term, PPDL will undertake to promote the client's land at all the relevant stages of the development plan process both at the strategic and local level. This will ensure that the land is appropriately allocated for future development.

All of the above options will be discussed and agreed with the client before any work is undertaken.

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