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Practice profile

PPDL was set up in March 2004 as an independent Town Planning and Development Consultancy specialising in the following areas of professional work:

  • Provide specialist advice on all planning and development issues relating to residential, commercial, retail and mixed use schemes; also advising on countryside, leisure and agricultural developments

  • Provide pre application planning and development advice

  • Undertake all planning applications, planning appeals (where required), and to act as expert witness at planning inquiries and hearings

  • Provide specialist advice on the promotion of land in the medium and longer term through the development plan process

  • Identify development opportunities and advise landowners / their agents on the planning issues for future development opportunities / proposals

  • Provide specialist advice on the commercial aspects of planning and land matters

  • Undertake land capacity studies where required primarily for residential and commercial schemes

  • Undertake public relations activities and lobbying on behalf of clients in respect of planning matters

  • Undertake project management work on behalf of clients for new development / redevelopment schemes where planning is the lead discipline

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